Why You Should be a DFiT Member


Tired of doing the same thing every day and not being able to reach your fitness goals? Maybe it’s time to get serious and sign up for a membership at DFiT!

Here are the reasons why you should join us and get the body you’ve always wanted!


1. One of the largest Hotel Fitness Centers in Abu Dhabi


Approximately 250 sqm, DFiT boasts as one of the largest hotel Fitness Facilities in the city equipped with the latest weight lifting equipment and state of the art cardio machines. DFiT also has a stunning view of the city that you’ll definitely enjoy while working out.

2. Yoga Studio and classes

Photo Feb 08, 11 42 20 AM.jpg

We have our very Yoga Studio with online Yoga classes to make you stronger and more flexible by doing a series of poses (intermediate or advanced) that improves your concentration, breathing and alertness while helping you reduce risk of injury and stress.

3. Indoor Cycling Classes

DFiT Spining Bike-07302015-016 (1).JPG

As you embrace a new lifestyle and complete a well-being solution to vitalize and transform your body. We have thoughtfully crafted a cycling program for a holistic build-up of your stamina and strength. Each class is composed of 45 minutes cycling and 10 to 15 minutes off-bike core strength contouring.

4. Breeze Pool and Bar Access


Wouldn’t it be fun to do your warm-up exercises in an outdoor pool or relax with a few drinks and healthy bites after a workout or just lounge under the sun on your rest day? All DFiT members get free access to our Rooftop pool overlooking a panoramic view of the city.

5. Certified International Fitness Association (IFA) and Abu Dhabi Fitness Specialists

0135_Cycling InstructorDusit Thani Abu Dhabi.JPG

Our well-trained fitness experts will certainly get the job done in helping you get the results you’ve always wanted and given you a personalized fitness training tailored specifically to get you in your best shape.

Join us and become a DFiT member now! 

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