The Thai Melody of the Khim


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The Khim was introduced from China during the 1300’s and has since then become one of the most popular instruments that are found in Thailand. It is a hammered stringed instrument made of wood and has a trapezoidal shape. It has 42 strings in total which are divided into 14 groups of 3 strings.

The khim is played using sticks made of bamboo with soft leather tips which will softly hit the strings and produce a wonderful vibrating tone that is light and dramatic. It is usually played while sitting down facing the wide part of the instrument.

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Khim is traditionally a classical musical instrument enjoyed in an ensemble but also most often played solo in special cultural occasions or as public entertainment played in restaurants or hotel lobbies in Thailand.

Despite its tradition and history the khim is not only just a classical instrument anymore as very talented Thai musicians often also mix the khim with different types of music and most modern songs available now can also be translated in khim music.

Photo Oct 05, 2 46 20 PM.jpgPuang Malai – is a Traditional garland often given as offerings or kept for good luck. They are also often offered to teachers, monks and elders.

Come visit us and watch our hotel Khim Player Khun Sirikan playing the Khim live in our lobby from 2PM to 6PM and at Benjarong from Wednesday to Friday from 07:30PM to 09:30PM.

Would you like to see more? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch the video of Khun Sirikan playing a song entitled Klai – Roong (Near Dawn) using the Khim next weekend!

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