5 Must Try Desserts at Dusit Gourmet



After waiting so long for your work week to end, we strongly believe that you deserve something sweet and decadent. Prepare for a short sweet escape as we share to you the 5 Must Try Desserts at Dusit Gourmet!

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Let’s start with something a little bit guilt-free. If you want diverse sweet flavours and delectable textures playing in your mouth, you should definitely try our Fresh Fruit Tart. The cookie-like crust blends together with the rich pastry cream and selected fresh fruits glazed to perfection you will absolutely love.


Strawberry fans out there will surely love to taste our Strawberry Religious. This dessert originated from France and would not be easily found in Abu Dhabi. It is composed of two choux pastry ganache filled with light strawberry crème pâtissière and layered with white chocolate.

br (3).png

Incredibly moist, fluffy and nutty you will never forget after the first bite. The Pistachio Cake is gleefully layered with cake, crunchy pistachios and filling. It has an excellent balance of sweetness and nuttiness decorated wonderfully with a few berries and white chocolate.

br (1).jpg

One of our ultimate favourites, the Blueberry Cake. It is exquisitely decorated with a few silver leaves topped with a dollop of icing and red currant. It combines the sweetness of the cake and the tanginess of the blueberry that starts soft in the mouth and then the flavours bursts out as you start to savour each bite.


The king of our desserts! The Trio Chocolate Mousse was recently featured in TimeOut Abu Dhabi as part of their Top 25 Cakes, Desserts and Sweet Somethings in Abu Dhabi. A definite winner to all you chocolate lovers out there. It is layered with a perfectly baked sponge, over it is a decadent block of dark chocolate mousse and finishing off with a log of white chocolate mousse elegantly topped with a gold leaf.
Discover your new dessert favourites and visit us at Dusit Gourmet open daily 10am-10pm.
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  1. Yasmin says:

    I got a reply on YouTube from Karimchii saying I will be “a guest soon” and I was hoping you can email me more about it.


    1. dusitthaniabudhabi says:

      Hello Yasmin! We offer exclusive rates and discounts only on our website, simply visit our website at http://dusit.com/dtad


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