Learn Easy Thai Greetings and Phrases


Would you like to learn something new today? How about learning a few Thai greetings and phrases and practice what you’ve learned for your next visit with us!

Before we start, you need to know the basics.

The most well-known and most important Thai greeting is called the “wai.” Once you arrive in our hotel, you will experience all of our staff greeting you with the wai wherever you go from the day of your arrival until the day you check-out.

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The wai is most often observed upon formally entering a house of a Thai host hence it is very important for our team to show you this custom as to welcome you or to acknowledge that you are our valued guest. It could also be used as a form of farewell and thank you.

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How to do a friendly Wai:

  • Press your palm together in a prayer-like position near your chest
  • Bow your head slowly
  • As you bow, point your index fingers on the tip of your nose and your thumbs on your chin
  • Slowly bring your head back up, keep your palms together and don’t forget to smile

Now you are ready to learn how to speak Thai!

For today’s lesson, our Club Lounge Agent Kanokwan will teach you short and helpful Thai phrases that would not only help you speak Thai with our team at Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi but would also help you speak with the people when you go and visit Thailand.

oseph chilton pearce.jpg

Sawasdee” means “hello.” It is often used together with the wai and comes with a suffix word “kha” if you are female or “krub” if you are male.


Khob khun” means “thank you.” This also comes with a suffix “kha” if you are female or “krub” if you are male. You may also add to word “mak” to heighten the gratitude you want to express towards that person: “Khob khun mak kha/krub” directly means thank you very much.


Sabai dee mai?” means “how are you?”  You may also add the suffix kha/krub at the end if you want to be a little bit more formal. If asked with this question, you respond by saying “Chan sabai di kha” for female or “Pom sabai di krub” for male which means “I’m fine thank you.”


Laew phop kan mai” means “See you again.” This phrase is often used when you would like to politely say goodbye wishing to see that person again soon.

Watch the full video below and learn more Thai phrases with us again soon! Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to give you a notification to watch our next video!

Khob Khun mak Kha!

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