5 Things You Should Order at Benjarong


Get your taste buds ready as we take you into a culinary adventure to the wonderful and diverse flavors of Thailand. Our award winning restaurant is not only popular with our Tom Yum Soup and Pad Thai but with other Thai dishes and drinks as well.

Here are 5 Thai food and beverage choices that we serve to our loyal guests at Benjarong. We’ve even included a dish in our Secret Menu you should definitely try!:

1. Kao Tang Na Tang

#1 (13).png

It is one of the most popular street food cart and restaurant dish served all over Thailand. The crispy rice crackers paired with a minced chicken and shrimp dip cooked with coconut milk, mint and with a special homemade Thai herb paste is the perfect starter. The texture of the crunchy rice crackers with the flavorful dip extremely compliments each other and will leave you wanting for more.

2. Lemongrass Iced Tea

#1 (14).png

The perfect summer drink! Quench your thirst and enjoy this simple yet very satisfying Lemongrass Iced Tea. It has a subtle sweet taste that is not only refreshing but also improves your immune system and would also make you feel calm and relaxed.

3. Pha Hoy Shell


It is one of our Chef’s recommended dishes which is not your ordinary salad. This spicy dish is served with scallops grilled to perfection tossed with Thai chili, mint, spring onions, lemongrass and lime leaves. The mouth-watering combination of the spices, herbs and chili creates a unique and pleasing mix of flavors that enhances the delicate and exquisite taste of the scallops.

4. Phi Phi Cocktail


Named after one of the most popular islands in Thailand, the Phi Phi Cocktail is our signature cocktail that our loyal guests usually asks for. It’s very fruity and cool to taste would make you feel like lounging on nice comfortable hammock as you enjoy the tropical breeze under the sunny beaches of Phi Phi Island.

5. Goong Makham


Presenting the Goong Makham, one of the dishes in our “Secret Menu.” Simply ask one of our Service Ambassadors about the dish and our kitchen team will be more than happy to cook it for you. It is a simple yet very elegant dish packed with fantastic flavors. This slightly sour and mildly spicy shrimp should be enjoyed with freshly steamed jasmine rice.

We hope to see you try all these amazing dishes and beverages soon at Benjarong and we cant wait to seat you in one of our table and have the best traditional Thai dishes you will surely enjoy.

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For bookings, please call: +971 2 698 8137 or email reservation.table@dusit.com 



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